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Welcome to our selection of colourful and delicious American candy and sweet treats

Browse our fantastic range of American candy, available to buy online today from our Award Winning UK sweet shop!

Wonderful, colourful boxes of American candy. Sour Warheads, tasty, fruity Laffy Taffy… we’ve got them all. They are such an eye-catching and delicious treat!

American Candy
One of our most popular American sweets – Rainbow Nerds are a fab and fun American candy choice.

Our Theatre Boxes are a total favourite with our customers. Filled with your favourite candy, there’s plenty to go around. We love the flavours on offer here, and our American candy hampers are a popular treat and gift too.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What’s your favourite American candy?

To be really honest, I like a lot of the American candy and sweets. Their flavours are different to those normally available in the UK and the packaging is so attractive and cool! My favourite though is probably the Rainbow Nerds. I love those colourful crunchy little sweets, they look great on cakes and biscuits too if you’re looking for a sweet to bake with. And there’s plenty to go round in our Theatre Boxes.

  • Where would you like to go in America?

Central Park in New York absolutely, my husband has been but I haven’t and it’s definitely on my bucket list. Maybe I’ll get a chance one day…

  • What’s your sourest American sweet?

Our sourest American sweet is a Warhead. We have several different types in stock, from an individually wrapped Warhead to a Theatre Box of Sour Twists and Warheads spray candy. They’re pretty sour though so definitely proceed with caution!

  • How do you decide which sweets to put in an American candy hamper?

Well, that’s a decision based on experience – we know which sweets taste good and we keep good records of sales so we know what is most popular too. Then it’s choosing a selection of sweets that works together and individually to make sure that the choice appeals to everyone! We also love the bright and colourful boxes and wrappers, they make a fantastic looking hamper that is incredibly appealing to the eyes. If there’s something you particularly want, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.

  • What’s your most popular American sweet?

It’s tricky to pick out just one, but up there as the most popular are Jolly Ranchers, both hard and chewy candy, Slush Puppies, and Harry Potter’s Chocolate Frogs – those collectable cards make these a must have from our American candy selection.

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