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A Quarter of

A Quarter of? So what do the weights mean? What is a quarter of sweets in grams?

Haribo jelly babies sweets
Fruity and colourful Haribo mini jelly babies

Time for an explanation just in case…

Most of us can remember asking for a quarter of or a half pound of our childhood favourite sweets… but now we are confronted with grams and the conversions are interesting!

It’s a little dry but the equivalents are below for your reference.

A quarter of – 113 grams

Half a pound – 227 grams

A pound – 454 grams

Hopefully this helps to explain why we sell our sweets in the weights we do. An old fashioned quarter is nearly 100g and so on. So it’s not too far removed from our childhood corner shop after all… Our 500g option is definitely reserved for those all time favourite sweets, whilst a 100g bag is a great way to try something new or have a smaller quantity of a few sweet choices. So tuck in… there are so many sweets choice to select from…

Sour sweets Rainbow twists
Colourful sour sweets called Rainbow Twists

Whether you’re a jelly sweet fan or partial to a fizzy sweet treat, the only thing to decide is which one and which weight!

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