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A Sugar-free Sweet Christmas

Sugar Free Mega Mix Sweets

Sugar-free Christmas sweets? Look no further…

A fast-growing proportion of our customers are interested in our huge range of sugar-free sweets. I thought it a good idea to write a little about our fantastic sugar-free Christmas sweets range. And the opportunity to buy sugar-free sweets online for awesome Christmas gifts. For those who are diabetic or weight conscious.

We have a selection of nearly 30 sugar free sweets. From the traditional barley sugar to the hugely popular mint humbugs and sherbet lemons. All have a super and authentic flavour and fill the gap that many report for a sweet treat.

Barley Sugar (Sugar Free) SweetsSugar Free Mint Humbugs

We even stock a range of sugar-free jelly sweets such as cola bottles, gin and tonic sweets and teddy bears that appeal to customers of all ages and really appeal to younger people looking for a suitable sweet. If you’re interested in the opportunity to buy sugar-free Christmas sweets online, this is absolutely possible with DaffyDownDilly Confectioners. Our trained and enthusiastic staff will pack your sweet order with care ensuring that our exacting standards for presentation and quality are fully met. We pack all of our online sweet orders to order ensuring that all of our sweets taste as fresh and delicious as you would hope and expect.

In today’s modern and busy world with our hectic lifestyles the opportunity to buy sugar-free Christmas sweets online is a good solution

And, of course it saves the travel, parking and queuing that we often experience in our favourite shops. It’s important to find a shopkeeper that you relate well to and trust in order to not be disappointed with your online sweet order. Because we have years of experience with real customers in our shop, DaffyDownDilly Confectioners is ideally placed to fulfil online sweet orders. With our extraordinary knowledge of sweets, sugar free sweets and sweet hampers. We have a genuine interest in all of our sweets and all of our customers! With our fast delivery and awesome presentation, we constantly get great feedback about our sweet products. And our excellent customer service. Why not put us to the test?

Sugar Free Cola Bottles

Particularly popular at this time of year is our sugar-free sweets gift box. This can be personalised and filled with a sweet selection of your choice. All of our personalised sugar free sweet boxes are designed and filled with care. They look absolutely whizzy and we often receive comment that they are a favourite gift to receive. The personalised aspect makes the sweet gift even more special.

We offer a range of sweet gift sizes to suit all budgets and our friendly staff will be more than happy to design the perfect sugar-free Christmas sweets gift for you or your special someone.

If you have any questions about sugar-free Christmas sweets, please do send us an email to or give us a call on 01395 519630 and we’ll be more than happy to celebrate your sugar-free Christmas with you!


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  1. I recently had a bag of sugarfree toffee from you, and now I can’t find them for a repeat, why ?

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