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American Candies and Sweets

American candy confectionery category Daffy Down Dilly

We love our selection of American sweets, candy and foods from across the pond.

The colourful packaging and weird and wonderful flavours and concepts make a really interesting and diverse choice.

Especially good if you’re looking to reminise about a wonderful American holiday, or just looking for something a little different. It make the most amazing sweet gift hamper selection too!

Whether you like to buy sweets online or in our Award Winning Sweet shop, we’re bound to have just the sweet treat for you! From scrummy mouthwatering sour and fizzy sweets to tantalise your tastebuds to jelly and gummy sweets, traditional sweets and super duper retro sweets such as Flying Saucers and Candy Sticks, we really do have it all – and if you’re reading this then you really should check out our retro sweet hampers and American candy hampers!

I thought it would be fun to rate the top selling American candy in store, just in time for the summer season when it gets really REALLY popular!

So… at number 5… it’s Warheads. Sour sweets in generally are enjoying a huge boost in popularity just now, and the sourer the better we think! Warheads Sour Twists are right up there, a fab Theatre box of sour American delights – perfect for any sour lover.

Warheads Sour Twist

At number 4, it’s Skittles – We couldn’t decide if Dessert flavour or Orchards were the most popular, so both it is! Fantastic flavours such as Key Lime Pie make these a dream sweet – eaten in combination they’re amazing too – mouthwatering fruity and scrum!

Dessert Skittles

Number 3 sees the arrival of Lucky Charms – quintessentially American, they are a food product rather than a sweet, but super delicious and popular all the same, so we wanted to pop them into our top 5. Our current boxes even feature a collectors Batman v Superman comic book so grab one while you can! It’s without doubt the coloured marshmallow pieces that make Lucky Charms a dream, and available in a snack bar too now, for cereal on the go!

At number 2… Twinkies. They need no introduction… a massive hit again after going out of production for a time – sweet, individually wrapped cakes featured in many a film!

And the best selling American candy at Daffy-down-dilly? That’s easy – without a doubt it’s Nerds, particularly Rainbow Nerds – but you should check out our other flavours and combos too!

Wonka Rainbow Nerds

Smashing, we’re getting ever closer to finding the most popular sweet, and next I’m going to look at our sugar-free sweet selection!

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