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American Candy Selection box

Our fabulous American candy selection box is available to buy online from our UK award winning sweet shop.

We are delighted to introduce our American candy selection box, a fantastic choice for anyone who loves or wishes to try a carefully chosen assortment of bestselling American candy. All beautifully presented in a quality gift box, this is a ready to go option and suitable for children of all ages! We know our customers are increasingly tempted to buy sweets online. If you’re into American sweets or know someone that is, our American Candy Selection Box is a great place to start.

We sell a lot of American candy and sweets both in our online sweet shop and in our sweet shop in Sidmouth, Devon. So we think we’re well paced to choose an awesome selection of popular American sweets to please everyone!

Each box contains the following American candy assortment:

Jolly Ranchers

Theatre box of Rainbow Nerds






Red Hots

Boston Baked Beans


Reeces Cups

and who could ask for more! The presentation of this American sweet assortment means it makes the perfect sweet gift. Especially if you’re looking for something a little bit different. Or a sweet present that will bring back memories of an amazing American holiday perhaps.

In the rare event that an item is out of stock, we will exchange it for an equally delicious alternative of equivalent or greater value rather than delay your order.

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