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And the most popular traditional sweet is…

So our Traditional Sweets section is super popular and growing as more and more younger people are introduced to the delights of Sherbet Lemons.

Winter Mix, Grays’ Herbal Tablets and Victory V’s. Whether you prefer to buy sweets online including of course traditional sweets.

Or in our award winning sweet shop you can be sure of the best selection of quality sweets, fizzy and sour sweets, jelly and gummy sweets and retro sweet hampers at Daffy-down-dilly Confectioners.

Victory V

Traditional sweets are the ones that have been around for ever… with little or no change to the original recipe. As sweet manufacturers come and go, it’s quite tricky to keep sourcing the absolute best traditional sweets available, but we take great pride in the quality and taste of all of our sweets and always try to remain as true to original flavours as we can.

So here’s our top 5 selling traditional sweets… which do you remember?

At number 5 it’s Coltsfoot Rock… a really interesting sweet this with a great history. Did you know that apparently Coltsfoot has medicinal properties that are reported to help with coughs and asthma. Originally you would find Coltsfoot in the chemist, but it’s now a firm favourite amongst our 350 sweet jars and rightly so.

Coltsfoot Rock

At number 4 please welcome Pineapple cubes. A fabulous fresh and fruity sweet that is one of the best sucky sweets that we know of, perfect to keep in your pocket!

Pineapple Cubes

Mintoes are in at number 3, delicious hard boiled mint sweets in their distinctive wrappers. I can’t remember those not being around at all and they are by far our most popular traditional mint sweets.


At number 2, and frankly we love them, is Barley Sugar. The ultimate wrapped boiled sweet in our opinion, and the perfect travelling companion…

Barley Sugar

And our bestselling traditional sweet is… Sherbet Pips! Who doesn’t remember those tiny little boiled sweets with their pretty pastel colouring and sherbet fruit flavour. Yum!

Sherbet Pips Sweets

Fizzy sweets next time…

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