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Best Flavour Sweets!

What’s top of the best flavour sweets? So many delicious flavours to choose from… modern and traditional sweets are so varied and full of fruity flavour – we thought we’d have a look at the most popular sweets and put together a top three most popular sweet flavour chart 🙂

At number three – it’s Apple sweets.

Whether you love traditional Rosey Apples or fizzy sour Apples, or a handful of delicious Apple Millions there are plenty of Apple flavoured sweets to choose from and we know that lots of you rate apple as your best flavour sweets.

Fizzy sour apples
Fizzy and sour apple sweets suitable for vegans

We even have a super sugar free Rosey apple option for those looking to reduce the sugar in their diets and entirely suitable for diabetics. And of course, scrummy and fruity Apple Bonbons if you like chewy sweets.

And at number two… it’s Cherry sweets and how we love them!

Fizzy cherry cola bottles, vegan fizzy cherries and awesome cherry fizz wiz just for starters! All of us love juicy giant Cherry Cola Bottles – are they the best flavour sweets? 🙂 The perfect cherry flavoured sweet in any pick and mix selection.

Giant Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles sweets in a beautiful cherry red and brown colour are a well known retro sweet, the only difference is that these ones are huge!
Giant fizzy cherry cola bottle sweets

Chewy cherry bonbons are a great choice if you like a fruity sweet and top of the fruit tree… Haribo Happy Cherries – juicy, fruity jelly sweets with a realistic cherry shape and soft and moreish texture.

And at number one, our best selling fruity sweet flavour? Strawberry sweets of course!

sugar coated foam strawberry sweets
Foamy and taste strawberry sweets with a sugar coating

And these days it’s much more than Giant Strawberries for sure! Sugar covered foam strawberries… Jelly filled strawberries… the most insanely delicious strawberry bonbons – check out the reviews if you’re not sure they’re the ones you remember… and delicious vegan giant strawberry jelly sweets too… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many choices, from fizzy sweets to soft and juicy jelly sweets…

It’s easy to see why strawberry is your favourite sweet flavour, and one of our best flavour sweets too! Mouthwatering, fruity and delicious, and nearly always the centrepiece of your pick and mix selections!

Strawberry Rocket sweets are like a larger fizzy strawberry pencil with a firmer chew and a fab fizzy outer - delicious and so beautiful in their lovely red and white colour combination
Delicious strawberry rockets – hard texture and sugar coated
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