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Bottle Shaped Sweets

Giant Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles sweets in a beautiful cherry red and brown colour are a well known retro sweet, the only difference is that these ones are huge!

We all know and love them – bottle shaped sweets are timelessly popular. From Fizzy cola bottles to Strawberry milkshake bottles… dusted milk bottles to giant blue fizzy bottles… so many choose from and always a popular choice. Let’s have a little peep at the best bottle sweets!

Blue Fizzy Bottle Sweets are an absolute favourite at DaffyDownDilly and frankly, we get it!

Available in giant and traditional sizes – which one would you choose?

Giant Blue Fizzy Cola Bottles are a fabulous pink and blue traditional retro fizzy sweet, the only difference with these ones is that they are huge!
Giant fizzy blue cola bottles – delicious bottle sweets with a sour coating
Fizzy Blue Cola Bottles sweets are a fizzy sweet favourite, pink and pale blue these are in nearly every pick and mix!
Fizzy sweets pick and mix favourites – blue fizzy cola bottles

Milk Bottles are also a firm favourite. Delicious, creamy and comforting, milk bottles are available in dusted and no dusted varieties with the dusted milk bottles being the clear winners in the popularity sweetstakes 🙂

dusted milk bottles sweets
Traditional dusted milk bottle sweets
Giant jelly sweets made by Haribo - the only thing better then a cola bottle is a giant cola bottle!
Haribo jelly sweets at their finest. Giant cola bottles are simply delicious

Just look at these juicy cola bottles – and not your standard Haribo Cola bottles either… these are giant cola bottles! Still made by Haribo and the delicious chew texture and flavours that you remember.. just much, much larger! Right up there for us in the battle of the bottle shaped sweets!

And of course, we can’t forget strawberry milkshake bottles can we?! We have two types, one dusted and one not and we’ve chosen to look at the soft and flavoursome non dusted strawberry milkshakes because, well – they’re scrummy!

A super popular pick and mix sweet choice and we are not surprised! If you haven’t tried them yet, you really must pop a few in your shopping basket – you won’t regret it!

Strawberry milkshake bottles
Milk bottle shaped sweets with a milkshake flavour
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