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Buy sweets online – A day in the life of Daffy sweet shop

An image of the front of our Sidmouth sweet shop

What’s it like in our sweet shop?

So now we are in our third trading year. I thought it might be interesting to talk about what life is like on the other side of the counter. Our super busy sweet shop is going from strength to strength.

Our website offers customers throughout the UK the opportunity to buy sweets online. And not just any sweets, our fabulous quality and delicious sweets and candy selection!

And it truly is a whopping sweet selection too… from fizzy sweets to jelly sweets. American candy and sweets, sugar-free sweets, traditional sweets, retro sweets… I could go on! And I guess that’s the appeal, and what makes it fun for us too!

Photo taken from the outside of the sweet shop showing much of our sweet jars and American candy stock

So our official opening time is 10am although I’ve often taken online orders and booked Facebook deliveries in long before that! So it’s funky music on, lights and action! Generally we’re straight to work with our fabulous customers. We place a great emphasis on friendly and pleasant customer service and hopefully that is what you have experienced. Whether you’re an online sweet customer or face-to-face in our shop. We always like a chat and take great pleasure in getting to know our customers and the local community on a personal level. Sophie particularly is a total whizz at remembering faces and names and favourite sweets long before they are asked for! We love to keep our customers smiling. It’s never any trouble to create their perfect pick and mix sweet selection bespoke to them. And yes, we do encourage a mix of sweets – none of that 100g minimum nonsense in our shop!

Then it’s preparing orders from customers who can’t get to our Sidmouth shop and instead buy sweets online. All of our sweet orders are prepared to order to ensure they are as good as they can be and packed carefully before dispatch. Then one of us is off to send our boxes off to eager sweet lovers all over the country 🙂

There are at least two staff working in our store. More when it’s required and that allows us the opportunity to take orders over the phone, prepare beautiful party cone bags and sweet candy cakes for orders as well as serve our customers with care. Along with preparing and dispatching fantastic retro sweet hampers and American candy hampers along with lots and lots of liquorice. If you haven’t tried our liquorice selection you really should… it’s got quite a following!

modern hamper with awesome retro sweet selection

We have a huge product range that that keeps us fresh and adaptable. It’s not unusual to move from making party bags of Unicorn Poo to a retro sweet hamper and a lovely chat within a very short space of time. And that’s what we enjoy the most.

Before we know it, it’s time for lunch and a bit of a sit down before the busy afternoon rush starts. And off we go with our afternoon customers! The afternoon is generally when we make sure our shop is full and looking fabulous. So lots of trips to the stock room are required to keep those 300 plus sweet jars lovely and full. And our American candy shelves looking colourful and tasty as they most certainly do.

5.15 comes round very quickly and it’s time to have a good tidy up ready for the next day.

It’s by far the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done and we hope that reflects in your experience too!


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