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Comfy shoes and a sense of humour…

a pair of black roller states with red wheels

Last week was a tale of two halves for me at Daffydowndilly.

Tuesday, working on my own, was a quiet day but I still needed my sense of humour, which gave me the chance to have a bit of a sort out in the stock room.

Sunday, on the other hand was busy busy busy being a Bank Holiday, with Lucy on hand to help.

Both days however gave me glimpse of what it might be like working at Daffydowndilly in the coming months!

I have discovered countless boxes / bags / pots and even Santa’s trousers tucked away, to be used for packaging goodies. Harry Potter costumes, fake snow, fluffy Easter chicks and heart shaped candy also hint at what lies in store for me!

DDD Interior Apr 16

The Bank Holiday weekend brought a boost in customer numbers, with a mix of locals and holiday makers from further afield. There was a flurry of activity behind the counter as we scooped and served, with customers eagerly waiting with jars of sweets tucked under each arm. Jars barely had time to be returned to the shelves before they made a reappearance! At one point I wondered if roller-skates might be a good idea but I think I’m getting too old for that…..Lucy maybe!

DDD Shop July 2015 low res

Yesterday, our lovely new addition to the team – Chloe – spent her first day with me and fingers crossed I haven’t overloaded her with information. There’s a lot to learn and new products are always appearing- (come and try our delicious new range of fudge, in a variety of flavours!!)

So, I will end this blog by sharing what I think are the two essentials for working in Daffydowndilly – comfy shoes and a sense of humour! I’m off to The Byes for a picnic this afternoon. Enjoy the sunshine and hope to see you soon.

Louise xx


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