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Confectionery Trends

Welcome to our update on what’s new and upcoming with our focus on Confectionery Trends 2023.

Fruit Jellies
Soft and juicy fruit jelly sweets

2023 has definitely been the year of the vegan sweet not least the fruit Jellies featured above. We have so many new fizzy and jelly sweets to talk about here and they’re all vegan too…

Confectionery Trends
Jelly sweets in the shape of pumpkins with a fizzy coating

Too good just for Halloween, have you seen these super cute pumpkin sweets? Amazing for cake toppers and simply scrumptious fruity sweets – they don’t actually taste of pumpkin by the way!

Vegan Fizzy Peach Ring Sweets
Vegan fizzy sweets peach rings

And these… what can we say? If you’re looking for peach sweets you must try these – they have a massive fan base already. Fruity, fizzy and 🍑.

Blue Raspberry Jelly Sweets
Blue raspberry berry sweets

Another up and coming new offering to those fans of blue raspberry sweets out there – pick and mix sweets have never been better 🙂 With a firm texture and sour coating expect a mouthful of blue raspberry flavour with these delicious fizzy sweets – a must mention for anyone talking about Confectionery Trends.

Strawberry Cheesecake Bubs
Fabulous vegan sweets with strawberry cheesecake flavours

And it wouldn’t be fair to talk about Confectionery Trends without mentioning Bubs strawberry Cheesecake sweets – Vegan, fruity and foamy sweets manufactured in Sweden. With their unique shapes and branding, Bubs are taking the confectionery market by storm and we love them! Colourful and deliciously flavoured there is a great range but these strawberry Bubs are our favourite 🙂

Space Mix Vegan Jelly Sweets
Space Mix Vegan jelly sweets

And you really don’t need to be a budding astronaut to enjoy these on trend jelly sweets – fruity and fun for all ages!

vegan Jelly strawberry sweets
Vegan jelly strawberry sweets

Vegan giant strawberry sweets are a game changer too – delicious flavour and a firm and lasting texture these are a very welcome add-on to our jelly sweet range. It’s rare that there is such a shift in Confectionery Trends as there is just now with so many new and exciting (and delicious) vegan sweets coming onto the market. More and more of ur customers are choosing these beauties and they far from all vegan either – just enjoying the funky new flavours and textures this year is bringing!

Fizzy Vegan Teddy Sweets
Colourful fizzy sweets in the shape of teddy bears

And last in our focus on Confectionery Trends and what’s cool in 2023 – here’s fizzy teddies 🙂 Vegan (of course) and so deliciously cute they are a favourite sweet treat with our customers. We look forward to seeing what’s happing next as new products are brought onto the market all the time! Keep and eye on Daffydowndilly to see what’s hot in Confectionery Trends 2024.

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