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DaffyDownDilly Chocolate Choices…

Always popular and always delicious… chocolate. It’s a thing isn’t it? And we have plenty to choose from at DaffyDownDilly so I thought a top 5 of the most popular chocolates would be a great little project!

At number 5 in the popularity stakes, please welcome Milk Chocolate Honeycomb!

Delicious chocolate coated honeycomb pieces
Real milk chocolate coats delicious crunchy honeycomb piece

And this is a serious treat… little crunchy honeycomb pieces of varying sizes all coated in delicious real milk chocolate… melt them on your tongue or just crunch them! Satisfying, superbly chocolatey and tasty… they’ll have you back for more!

Next in our chocolate choices at number 4 its all a bit traditional sweetshop with Jazzies and Snowies 🙂

Sweetshop favourites Jazzies and Snowies
Combination of milk chocolate Jazzies and white chocolate snowies

We can’t choose between them and they are equally popular so sharing the mantle and acolade with their crunchy little hundreds and thousands topping and milk or white chocolate button drops. An absolutely chocolate choices favourite with all ages!

And at number 3 in chocolate choices … wait for it… Milk Chocolate Raisins.

Delicious Milk Chocolate Raisins covered in delicious real quality chocolate
Quality Milk chocolate coats delicious raisins

And we think these are the very best ones we’ve ever tasted! No nasty cheap chocolate here… just plenty of delicious really milk chocolate and plump and flavoursome raisins. What a combo!

At number 2 we have an unexpected curve ball… well unexpected for us with the super high ranking and popular mini eggs!

mini chocolate eggs
Colourful chocolate mini eggs

Beautiful little eggs of chocolate covered with a sugar coating which not only makes them look beautiful, it’s practical too as it makes them less likely to suffer a melty sticky end in the hands of youngsters. Super popular of course at Easter, but more than that – they’re a year round chocolate choices treat!

And at number 1… if you saw our stockroom you would see what we mean 🙂 It’s chocolate brazils and we think ours are rather good which is what keeps you coming back for more of course!

Milk and dark plain chocolate brazils
Milk and plain dark chocolate Brazils assorted

Delicious Brazil nuts covered with both milk chocolate and dark chocolate… and they really are something else! Our mixed milk and dark chocolate Brazil gift boxes are the bomb and save choosing your favourite Brazil too – a mix of both really is the best of both worlds!

So that’s our top 5 chocolate choices – have we got yours? Let us know your favourite… mine is chocolate Peppermint Creams, individually wrapped chocolate coated mint fondant… scrummy and my personal chocolate heaven!

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