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Fabulous Fruit Pips or Sherbet Pips?

Fruit Pips Sweets are a traditional small fruit flavoured sweet with a variety of fruit flavours and colours
Boiled fruit flavoured tiny sweets – Fruit Pips

We’ve picked just two of or traditional pip sweets to look at… And we wondered which you preferred – Fruit Pips or Sherbet Pips? Individually flavoured Fruit Pips sweets are a quality traditional sweet full of fruity flavours and attractive colours. They’ve been around for such a long time now, and really are part of our childhood memories.

Alternatively there are Sherbet Pips…

Sherbet Pips Sweets are a traditional teeny tiny sweet with a sherbet and slightly fizzy taste in a rainbow of colours
Traditional little boiled sweets with a sherbet flavour – Sherbet Pips!

Just as tiny and full of childhood nostalgia but this time with a sherbet fizz – I can remember peeling these off the paper bags that our local sweetshop sold them in! Of course, you don’t have to choose, if you’re a traditional sweets fan, you could just have both… but if you did have to choose, what would it be? Fruit Pips or Sherbet Pips?

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