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Fizzy Cola Sweets

Fizzy Cola Sweets

Fizzy Cola Sweets are a tip top favourite choice amongst our customers and indeed our fizzy sweets range wouldn’t be the same without them!

Let’s start with a look at the new kids on the block – Fizzy Cola skulls from Bubs 🙂 Absolutely the most amazing texture with these sweets, firm, fizzy and chewy they are completely delicious! Shaped as skulls and quite large in size they are a total must for any fan of fizzy cola sweets – you just must try them!

Large Fizzy Cola Bottles are next and these are blinders! Fizzy, sour and cola flavoured to the max these giants amongst fizzy cola bottle sweets are a mouthwatering treat.

Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles are a fabulous brown and white traditional retro fizzy sweet, the only difference with these ones is that they are huge!
Deliciously soft and yummy fizzy cola bottles in a giant size!

And last but not least – the traditionally sized fizzy cola bottles, ours are not just fizzy and delicious but vegan too. We pop them in our pick and mix boxes as they’re just a favourite for all.

Fizzy Cola Bottles are a traditional and popular fizzy sweet in a bottle shape
Fizzy sweets in a bottle shape with a cola flavour

Of course we have awesome cherry cola and blue fizzy bottles and even fizzy rainbow bottles too and you can check them all out here

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