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Fizzy Sweets

Fizzy Mix Fizzy Sweets

Over the last few weeks I’ve been looking at the most popular sweets in our retro and traditional sweets section.

My view? To identify the UK’s favourite sweets and this week it’s the turn of fizzy sweets – yum!

Easily the most popular sweets particularly with our younger customers, our fizzy sweets are a real draw and vary from slightly sour, to really fizzylicious! Either way, their fruity flavours really are enough to make your mouth water.

It’s been quite hard to identify the most popular fizzy and tangy treats in the shop, but we’ve done it, and here they are:

In reverse order…

At number 5 it’s Fizzy Dummies, a lovely medium sour fizzy with a fab fruity flavour. They’ve been around for a while, but still as popular as ever. And it’s really nice to see a good old traditional fizzy in the top 5 bestsellers.

Fizzy Dummies
Fizzy Dummies – Fruity and Sour Favorite Sweets

At number 4 is Spanish Peaches, a more modern but absolutely divine Peach flavoured jelly sweet with a fantastic sour edge. Their appealing heart shape and delicate colour makes them a great choice for weddings and valentines too.

Spanish Peaches
Spanish Peaches – Beautifully coloured and delicately flavoured fizzy sweets

Fizzy Blue Bottles are in at number 3 – my personal favourite fizzy sweets, these have a really balanced texture and flavour. With a nice sour edge that wakes up your tastebuds and gets your tongue dancing! Pretty colours and a perfect bite size shape just add to their appeal.

Fizzy Blue Cola Bottles
Fizzy Blue Bottle Sweets

At number 2 it’s Watermelon Slices, Watermelon is such a popular flavour in our shop and fizzy Watermelon Slices are a super fizzy choice. With a soft jelly inner and beautiful colours, it’s easy to see why these fly out of the door!

Fizzy Watermelon Slices
Fizzy Watermelon Slices – fruity and fizzy with a soft jelly texture

And the bestselling fizzy sweet at DaffyDownDilly? Well, it’s Rainbow Bites of course. Awesome colourful strips of candy with a sour fizzy coating, these are brilliant. Fantastic to munch on or decorate cakes and biscuits, Rainbow Bites are a deserved winner of the most popular fizzy category! Also close in the mix is our fabulous range of fizzy cola bottles. Whether you prefer fizzy cherry cola bottles, or fizzy blue bottles or even original fizzy cola bottles, we have both the original sized and giant fizzy sweets to choose from!

Rainbow Bites
Fizzy Rainbow Bites – our most popular fizzy sweet…

What makes a good fizzy sweet?

I think we’ve made it quite clear by now that we love a good fizzy. And the thing that makes them a winning choice is for me a whole combination of factors. To begin with, the appearance is key. We love a bright colour, especially blue sweets and a nice even coating of sugar. Something like these Blue Raspberry Rockets is a popular choice, not least because it’s unusual.

Blue Raspberry Rockets are large and chewy fizzy sweets with a fizzy coating and blue raspberry flavour
Blue Raspberry Rockets – a fab fizzy sweet choice!

At DaffyDownDilly, experience tells us that our customers are quite daring when it comes to their tangy sweet choices. Much of the time our customers know what they want before they come in to our sweet shop. Things are a little different with fizzy sweets though. Sometimes more of a sour kick is required! And we have a great selection from mildly fizzy to really fizzy. The choice is yours. And new to the room are watermelon dummies – a sour and fruity watermelon flavour fizzy sweets that is also vegan! Definitely one to watch.

Then, of course there’s texture. Do you prefer a soft sweet, or a firmer texture? Or a mix of flavours and shapes such as those found in fizzy mix? Or a good sour fizzy dummy?

What makes Fizzy sweets fizz?

The combination of an acid such as malic acid and a carbonate create a fizz when combined with the saliva in your mouth. All very scientific! Varying amounts of acid and carbonate create different levels of tangy and fizz. This is why cola bottles from one manufacturer can be radically different in the fizzy factor to whose from another.

Most popular Fizzy sweet gift?

That’s an easy one! It must be our 1 kilo box fizzy sweet assortment. Nothing but fizzy sweets and all the favourites are in there too. From Watermelon slices to Blue fizzy cola bottles. From Fizzy dummies to fizzy strawberries and dummies. Even rockets in this gift box. All beautifully presented in a quality gift box and presented with coordinating ribbons. It’s the perfect selection for the ultimate fizzy fan 🙂

sour and fizzy sweet box selection
1 kilo of assorted quality fizzy sweets in a presentation gift box

On to Jelly Sweets next time! X

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