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Gummy and Jelly Sweets

Friendship Rings Jelly Sweets

In our quest to find the nation’s favorite sweet, it’s the turn of Jelly and gummy sweets this week to face our popularity test…

We love jelly sweets… from soft and squishy Jelly Bones to Giant Strawberries, Happy Cherries to Baby Dolphins. Jelly sweets are timeless and not restricted by any means to our younger customers!

So… in reverse order, here are our best selling jelly sweets at DaffyDownDilly:

At number 5 it’s Happy Cherries… delicious Cherry flavoured sweets with a mouthwatering smell and super fruity flavour, they keep you coming back for more that’s for sure!

Happy Cherries
Fruity favorites – Happy Cherries by Haribo

And at number 4 please welcome Terrific Turtles – similar in texture to Yellow Bellies but in a fab bite size turtle shape. Super popular for their colour (green is one of the more unusual sweet colours) and cute little turtle shape – a must for any fans of TMNT! Check out these little turtles patrolling round the edge of our of our Candy Cakes!

sweet cake 1
One of our DaffyDownDilly candy cakes. A great mix of jelly sweets and perfect for a birthday or celebration!

At number 3 it’s the irreplaceable Jelly Babies.

Soft and squidgy texture and fruity flavours mean these are popular amongst children of all ages! Was it just me that made them into little families??

Baby Jelly Babies
Jelly Babies – a great jelly sweet suitable for children of ages

Our second most popular jelly sweet is the good old Giant Strawberry. Instantly recognisable these make a pick and mix selection in our opinion. It just isn’t right not to have them! With their firmer texture they are distinctive in size and flavour. Mixed with Happy Cherries these are a fruity match made in heaven!

Giant Strawberries
Super popular Giant Strawberry jelly sweets – fruity and firm, they’re delicious!

And our most popular jelly sweet? Well, it’s the massive and singularly yummy Yellow Belly. Colourful and delicious, it’s sweet heaven.

Yellow Bellies Jelly Sweets
a Haribo winner – Yellow Bellies!

Wowzers… all of our top 5  sweets are made by our good friends Haribo!

And we’d like to take the opportunity to introduce our latest innovation in jelly sweets.

Our quality kilo boxes are filled with an amazing variety of jelly sweets, and nothing else. Not a fizzy sweet or chocolate in sight! An amazing treat for any jelly lover and prepared to order in a quality presentation gift box. Want a look? Here you are!

A fantastic selection of jelly and gummy sweets in a quality presentation box
1 kilo of the best quality jelly sweets all presented in a beautiful gift box – what a delightful present for any jelly sweet lover!

The perfect blend of taste, flavours and textures. Psycho Mice, Jelly Babies and Fruity Frogs. Twist kisses, Friendship rings and Jelly filled snails. Jelly Brains, Jelly Berries and black and red gums. Baby Dolphins, cola bottles and Yellow Bellies. And that’s just the start! We mix the favourites and some more unusual jelly sweets in this box to give a great sweet treat. And it’s always good to try something new.

Jelly filled Brains… they’re nicer than they sound!!

If you’re looking for something sweet for a Birthday treat, we reckon this box is the answer. Our trained sweet shop staff with fill your box with delectable goodies and finish it with coordinating ribbons. Then straight in the post it goes!

We really care about our customer service at DaffyDownDilly so will look after you every step of the way. Happy customers = Happy us!

And we’re heading Stateside next for the most popular American sweets and candies


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