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Halloween Sweets

Halloween Sweets… oh it’s spooky time and the very best and most fun for confectioners all of the country! We all have a soft spot for jelly sweets in the shape of snails and bright blue brains… who wouldn’t ? There’s so much you can so with them! Perfect to pop into bowls of jelly and decorate Halloween party muffins and even placed in a sandwich 🙂 Now that would be a surprising place to find a fizzy jelly worm!! 

Sour Fizzy worms
Sour fizzy sweets in the shape of a worm

As you would expect we have a super selection of fizzy sweets and jelly sweets that are perfect for Halloween sweets and everything else actually! 

Fizzy Dracula teeth are a total favourite and even better they are vegan sweets too. Fruity, delicious and sour sweets at their finest. 

Creepy jellies come in packs of six individually wrapped jelly sweets in the shape of bugs and insects. Many of our customers love these to pop into party bags – fab for taking sweet treats home. 

Creepy Jellies jelly sweets
Retro sweet heaven in various bug shapes

Fruity Jelly bones sweets are another favourite, delicious soft jelly sweets in the shape of bones and just a delicious Halloween sweets treat. 

And everyones, favourite and a perfect choice throughout the year, don’t forget Haribo Hello Bellies, long jelly sweets in the shape of snakes that are just super tasty… we like them mixed with sour fizzy spiders at DaffyDownDIlly. 

Spider shaped fizzy sweets
more cute than creepy, spider shaped fruity flavoured spider sweets
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