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Haribo Sweets

Haribo Sweets are so popular and so utterly delicious, Haribo are major players in the world of confectionery and we love them at DaffyDownDilly too.

From Jelly sweets to fizzy sweets and liquorice, Haribo have a huge range of sweet treats and we thought it would be useful to focus on some of the best here.

So starting with some soft and squishy jellies… Friendship Rings are super fruity sweets that we all know and love.

Friendship Rings Jelly Sweets
Jelly sweet favourites from Haribo sweets in the shape of rings

Especially popular with children who can’t help popping them onto their fingers to munch. We can’t miss Terrific Turtles of course, or Valentines Day favourite sweets, Heart Throbs.

Interestingly Haribo also manufacture one of our most popular liquorice sweets – a delicious Double salt liquorice. If you are a fan of the dark stuff, it’s well worth trying these yummy, not too salty liquorice diamond sweets.

Double Salt Liquorice is a unique diamond shape and imported from Holland. A most popular Liquorice choice
Haribo double salted liquorice

And those that know DaffyDownDilly will know that we are major fans of soft and fruity Haribo Rhubarb and Custard Tubes. Oh my word… soft and tasty fondant with a sharp and fruity tang and such pretty pastel colours. If you haven’t[ had them already, you really, really must. In our humble opinion, the absolute star of the Haribo sweets world. Pick and mix awesomeness in the extreme 🙂

Rhubarb and custard tubes made by Haribo
Super popular and super scruffy too, rhubarb and custard tubes by Haribo

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