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Sweet Shop Social Media

Our Award Winning sweet shop is sure to have just the sweet treat you’re looking for whether you prefer to buy sweets online or in store.

From the very best in sour and fizzy sweets, gummy and jelly sweets, American chocolate, retro sweet hampers and American candy hampers.

To quality traditional sweets and retro sweets, Daffy-down-dilly really does have something for everyone!

How often do we hear ‘it’s a modern world’ in our day-to-day lives? And there does seem to be truth in this saying! While we have a super busy sweet shop that operates in a more or less traditional, customer service based retail format. It’s the change into website business and social media that is astonishing and incredibly fast paced.

I have to say that nearly everyone I know is a regular user of all or some of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to name but a few!

So why are we all online? And why are businesses so active these days on social media?

Well, for us at Daffy-down-dilly it’s a brilliant way to tell our customers about new products or services that we are offering often using video, blogs or photos. We love the interaction and comments we get back too. It’s always good fun and engaging – thanks folks!

Because we have such a huge sweet selection there’s always plenty of choice for some cracking pictures and there’s forever something new to talk about. Watch our for our new Japanese candy selection arriving very soon…

green tea kitkat

For our customers there is the opportunity to browse and select (and order!) outside of normal shop opening hours. Which is a huge advantage in our busy lives. Home delivery is also a huge pull for some of our more distant customers or those who are tempted by free local evening delivery!

So if you’re not already following us via your social media accounts, we’d love you to give us a try. We promise to be fun, and you’ll get loads of photos and info about sweets… ideal! And we’d love to hear what you think about our business too! You can find us at the addresses below

Facebook –

Twitter –

Instagram –

Pinterest –

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