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Jelly Sweets and Gummy Sweets

Soft red and white Jelly Bones look incredible and are really an extra popular jelly sweet at Hallowe'en

Love jelly sweets and Gummy sweets? At our sweet shop, we do too!

We love a good Jelly and Gummy sweet at DaffyDownDilly Confectioners! Whether you’re a fan of a hard chewy and gummy jelly sweet or a more soft and delicate jelly sweet. We’re confident that our quality selection of jelly sweets provides a perfect choice and something for everybody!

Our latest innovation is in the development of a 1 kilo box of quality jelly and squishy gummy sweets, all assorted and a not so little bit of jelly sweet heaven.

A fantastic selection of jelly and gummy sweets in a quality presentation box

They taste as spectacular as they look and should you like to buy sweets online, and jelly sweets are our thing, then these sweet boxes are available to order here.

With an amazing selection of favourite jellies, including jelly babies, jelly beans, Fruity Frogs, Giant Strawberries and Happy Cherries. And then some jelly sweets that are equally delicious but a little harder to come by such as Psycho Mice for example. A delicious jelly with a rainbow of attractive colours and a great soft texture. Psycho Mice are a really winning choice and a definite addition in any of our Pick and Mix sweet selections for sure.

Jelly and gummy sweets make up a popular part of our sweet selection ensuring you can buy sweets online with confidence and access to a full and delicious sweet menu.

Our fizzy and sour sweets are outstanding. From fizzy cola bottles and Watermelon Slices to Blue Raspberry Rockets and fabulous Fizzy Dummies. We have a fizzy sweet to suit all tastes from the fizzylicious to the mildly sour… yum! So why not check out our Fizzy sweets gift box? 1 kilo of delicious assorted fizzy sweets in a beautiful gift box… Fab!

sour and fizzy sweet box selection

Our traditional sweets and retro sweets are outstanding and we love them, Flying Saucers really are unbeatable I think! Boiled and crunchy sweets Rhubarb and Custard and fabulous Sherbet Lemons head up the popularity charts with traditional sweets. But there are many such as Coltsfoot Rock and Pineapple Rock that many of our customers say they haven’t seen since they were children. We love it when that happens!

We also had a spectacular range of sweet gifts, personalised sweet jars and retro sweet hampers and American candy hampers too. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for that special someone, or even a super sweet indulgence.

So whether you’re looking for a fabulous selection of jelly and gummy sweets, the absolute best in fizzy and sour sweets. Or a 1 kilo box of quality and fantastic pick and mix sweets (see below!) we’d be happy to help!

Pick and Mix sweet box - the entire colourful contents of one of our Kilo boxes of assorted quality sweets. jellies sweets, fizzy sweets and chocolates all make for the most delicious and colourful display.

Back to the jelly sweets and new for 2021, our Jelly sweet Happy Birthday gift box 

The same quality mix of gummy sweets and jelly sweets but this time with a Birthday sticker – perfect for those special someones in your life you have a bit of a soft spot for a soft jelly sweet! Add a personalised message too if you like so your box of sweets can be sent directly to the lucky recipient!

Buy sweets online with confidence!

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