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Lions quality hard gum sweets

Quality Lion's Sports Mixture - a favourite quality traditional hard gum sweet
lions quality hard gum sweets
Quality liquorice sweets from Lions

Delicious Lions quality hard gum sweets are a super retro sweet treat. Famous and justifiably so as Lions never compromise on quality. From Midget Gems and Lions wine gums, to liquorice gums there is something for everyone in the range.

Lion's Wine Gums are in our opinion the very best in Traditional Wine gums with a firm texture and the original liquorice sweet in too!
Traditional hard gum jelly sweets made by Lions

Lions wine gums are absolutely our best selling hard gums, fruity and incredibly delicious they really are top of the tree when it comes to hard gums and perfect for anyone looking for the best quality retro sweets.

Fruit Salad Gum are a favourite quality traditional sweet, Lion's Fruit Salad Gums sweets are a very tasty hard gum sweet.
Traditional hard gums made by Lions

Lions fruit salads are, like the rest of the Lions sweet range, made with natural flavours and sure to take you straight back to your childhood. So plenty to choose from in Lions quality hard gum sweets – Which one is your favourite?

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