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Liquorice Selections at DaffyDownDilly

Regarding Liquorice selections, It’s been a real surprise for us just how popular liquorice is in the UK and we thought we would take the opportunity to feature some of our bestselling licorice lines.

No longer just the favourite sweet at Christmas and Father’s Day, liquorice is popular all year round and with a colourful and tasty choice like this, it’s easy to see why.

Cream Rock Liquorice Sweets are a traditional liquorice sweet where a layer of liquorice is wrapped around a flavoured fondant centre. Very traditional and delicious
Tasty sweet fondant filed liquorice pieces

Let’s start with Liquorice cream rock, fruit flavoured fondant fills tubes of dark and delicious liquorice. It’s a really famous one and we absolutely make sure it’s part of our liquorice selection box. Delicious on it’s own or as part of a pick and mix. And of course, because we’re DaffyDownDilly, we have a fantastic newer version of this too 🙂

Fruit fondant liquorice
liquorice covered in fruit flavoured fondant

And here it is! Like liquorice cream rock but inverted and with fantastic fresh fruit fondant flavours. Fruit fondant coated liquorice is not just tasty, but colourful too – not so common in the liquorice world.

And we really couldn’t leave out the ever popular and absolutely delicious Liquorice Catherine wheel!

Traditional liquorice Catherine Wheels - a very popular liquorice sweet
Swirly liquorice sweets with a aniseed sweet centre

Whether you bite in or unwind the satisfying liquorice whirl, the aniseed spog centre is just delicious! A really traditional flavour of childhood that really hasn’t changed and a worthy member of our liquorice selections.

Double Salt Liquorice is a unique diamond shape and imported from Holland. A most popular Liquorice choice
Haribo double salted liquorice

And now for something a little more unusual. A double salt liquorice made by Haribo. This distractive diamond shaped Salino is not as super salty as some of the Scandinavian Liquorice but is a good quality nonetheless and very popular.

Liquorice flower sweet
Liquorice flower shaped sweet with fondant centre

And then, because they are so pretty, Liquorice flowers. Petal shaped liquorice filled with delicious sweet fondant. We love the contrast between the tasty dark liquorice and the sweet fondant – a real liquorice treat.

Of course, we have many, many types to choose from and the liquorice features above is just the tip of the iceberg, but if you’re one of the many who enjoy liquorice all year round, or even just at Christmas, our sweet selection is well worth a browse.

And brand new to our liquorice family – it’s a very special pick and mix containing our best liquorice selections. Just liquorice (or course) and 600g of delicious yumminess all selected for you! From Pontefract cakes and Liquorice Twists to Liquorice Toffee and Liquorice gums… a fabulous bag of liquorice to enjoy, and plenty to share too is you feel so inclined!

Liquorice Pick and Mix
We’ve picked and mixed the very best liquorice for you to enjoy!
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