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Love Cherry Flavoured Sweets?

Cherry Flavoured sweets are some of our absolute favourite confectionery! Why? They are full of fruity cherry sweet deliciousness, fizzy cherries or fruity jelly cherries we don’t mind – we love them all!

Mention a cherry sweet and probably the famous Haribo Happy Cherry pops into mind. That soft jelly sweet in it’s twin cherry shape and delicious smell and flavour is really hard to beat.

Cherry Flavoured sweets
Haribo cherry jelly sweets

Just looking at them makes our mouths water!! And for our favourite fizzy cherry sweet there is only one contender for the top in our opinion – giant fizzy cherry cola bottles really do take some beating with their soft texture and mouth-watering fizzy flavour, bursting with cherry fruitiness. The texture is quite different to normal cherry cola bottles although the smaller cherry flavoured sweets do have the benefit of being suitable for vegans.

Giant Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles sweets in a beautiful cherry red and brown colour are a well known retro sweet, the only difference is that these ones are huge!
Giant fizzy cherry cola bottle sweets

Beautiful aren’t they? And they are genuinely as good as they look!

While we’re talking about fizzy cherry sweets, let’s not forget twin fizzy cherries either – yummy! Also a popular vegan sweet they go really well with a few fizzy strawberries… anyway, back to the cherry sweets – that is the point after all 🙂

Red Liquorice sticks
Traditional cherry flavoured red liquorice sticks

We’re throwing in a curve ball here – often overlooked, probably because they have the name liquorice hanging over their head… Bond’s red traditional liquorice sticks definitely deserve to be included in any selection of cherry flavoured sweets. They have a soft texture and we love the contrast between the yellow nonpareils and the red cherry flavoured stick – they looks good as they taste and if you love cherry sweets as much as we do, we think you’ll love them too!

Cherry Bonbon sweets are a fantastic pink cherry flavoured chewy sweet
Chewy bonbon sweets with a delicious fruity cherry flavour

Chewy cherry bonbons are next – mouthwateringly fruity cherry flavoured sweets with a strong fruity flavour that keeps on given – not just about the fizzy cherry sweets after all!

And we’re finishing on a high too –

Cherry Fizz Wiz Popping Candy are a great retro packet of popping candy sweets
Popping candy with a cherry flavour

Retro sweet heaven with popping candy! A fun cherry flavour adds to the popping and cracking of this cherry fizz wiz – fantastic as a topping over ice cream 🙂

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