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Rainbow paintball marshmallows
Rainbow coloured marshmallow paintballs

Soft and delicious, there are many marshmallows to choose from – so whether you’re looking to pop some mini marshmallows in your hot chocolate or decorate your cakes, have a peep at the huge range of delicious Marshmallows available with DaffyDownDilly.

Most eye-catching are our rainbow marshmallow, delicious soft and squishy blobs covered in fruit flavoured sugar and available in yellow, red, blue, green and pink in our rainbow mix or individually if you have a party colour theme for example.

Rainbow Cones Sweet Party Bags
The most colourful and delicious rainbow themed sweet cone bags

We even pop them into our rainbow cone party bags, as they are super versatile and attractive marshmallow as well as being delicious in their own right.

Yellow marshmallow paintballs
Colourful yellow paintball marshmallow sweets

Just look at the array of beautiful colours our marshmallow paintballs come in – stunning!

Pink marshmallow paintball sweets
Pretty in pink marshmallow
Blue marshmallow paintball sweets
Delicious marshmallow blobs coated in sugar and beautifully blue
Red Paintball marshmallow sweets
Delicious marshmallow coated in sugar and a beautiful red colour
Green Paintball marshmallow sweets
The most beautiful green marshmallow blobs
Mini Pink & White Marshmallows are tiny little marshmallows perfect for use in hot chocolates

Mini marshmallows are perfect for your hot chocolates, Easter egg nests and rocky roads too. Popular amongst our baking customers and super flexible they are a marshmallowy must!

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