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Mega Sour Sweets and Vomit Beans!

The rise of challenge level mega sour sweets is truly amazing.

There will always be a place for traditional and retro sweets of course, but our younger cutomers particularly are very much looking for the extremes in confectionery.

Mega Sour Fruits

If you’re up for a sweet challenge we’ve got just the sweets for you. Whether you want to surprise friends and work colleagues with something out of the ordinary. Or you’re making videos for your U-tube channel our Mega Sour sweets are just the thing you’re looking for. Extremely sour, the coating of these sweets goes after about 30 seconds leaving, so I am told a really very nice sweet to follow. If you get that far of course! And with lemon, bubblegum or mixed fruit mega sour sweets to choose from there’s plenty of choice.

Mega Sour Lemons

Personally, I never have as the shock of the sour is just too much for my tastebuds!

We often have a mega sour challenge in store though as it’s incredibly entertaining! You have to see to believe some of faces of our customers as they undertake the ‘who can keep a mega sour sweet in their mouths for the longest’ competition!

So, between those and the vomit beans in Beanboozled boxes and Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s beans, we’ve got all bases covered!

Harry Potter Berty Botts Beans

Pop in and give them a go… if you’re brave enough, we dare you!

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