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Mother’s Day – Say it with Sweets!!

Wonderful wicker hamper filled to the brim with the very best in Retro Sweets - meet our Extra large Retro sweet hamper!

This Sunday 6th March is Mother’s Day in the UK – hope you’ve all remembered!!

The Day when we all offically say thank you to our Mums.

No matter how old we are they remain our constants, our supports and they’re just pretty fabulous really.

I’d certainly be lost without mine!

These days, more and more of us are shopping for gifts for any occaision online and if you Google Mother’s Day this week, you can certainly see the competition there to obtain your order! As the world changes, so do gifts and there is certainly a move away from the ever popular flowers to alternative and more personal gifts.

Daffy Down Dilly Sweet Hamper header

In store we have seen a flurry of customers looking for a sweeter Mother’s Day gift that is often designed to bring back memories for both the customer and their Mum. What could be better than a beautifully presented bag, box or hamper of your Mum’s favorite sweets? Or even a personalised sweet jar filled to bursting with delicious sweet treats?

Daffy Down Dilly personalised sweet gifts header


So if your Mum has a sweet tooth, and you’re after something a little different this year, do pop into store – we’d be happy to help you find that perfect something to make Sunday just that little bit more special.

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