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Our sweetshop virtual tour

Internal shot of our bright and colourful Devon sweet shop

Unlike many online providers of sweets, we are a physical sweetshop as well as a virtual one…

Many of our customers see our sweetshop regularly of course and we love to see you all. But for our more remote, or online sweet shop customers we thought you’d like to have a look around.

Come on in and see where your online sweet orders are carefully packed and prepared for dispatch!

We have a huge range of traditional, retro, jelly and fizzy sweets. 350 jars of sweets in total plus all of the packets, sugar-free sweets and American selection of course…

We really do think we have something for everyone and most importantly a friendly welcome and smile for all. Even though the quality of our sweets and customer service speak for themselves. It’s our face to face personal service is the one thing that we wish we could package up and send to our online sweet customers!

Fizzy sweet selection on their shelf in our sweet shop, fizzy teeth, sour worms and fizzy cola bottles all nestle next to one another in a bright a cheery displayRainbow Nerds and small Nerd packets all on display in our sweet shop

We have a super selection of American sweets and candies too of course. Nerds are ever popular, along with Twinkies and Jolly Ranchers! As you can see, we’re all keen on a clean, attractive and fresh environment. We take great care in the upkeep of our shop for which we were rewarded with a 5* Food Standards Agency Rating! From Flying Saucers and the very best in Retro Sweets. Including Anglo Bubbly, Candy Sticks and the unbeatable ABC letters. To boiled traditional sweets such as Rhubarb and Custard, delicious Barley sugar and creamy and tasty Clotted Cream Fudge.

From sugar free Liquorice drops to sugar free Chocolate Eclairs and sugar free mint humbugs to the very best in packets of sweets. Refreshers, Love Hearts and Fizz Wiz for example. Jelly sweets like Happy Cherries, Baby Dolphins and Giant Fried Eggs to fizzy sweets. Such as fizzy cola bottles, fizzy dummies and fizzy strawberry pencils. American chocolate bars such as Baby Ruth, Butterfingers, Tootsie Roll and Peanut Butter Snickers. To large boxes of American Nerds, Twinkies and Runts. Traditional strawberry bonbon sweets to Tangy chewy blue raspberry bonbons and tiny tasty little Millions, there really is every reason for our customers to buy sweets online or in our colourful and funky sweet shop.

Some of our 350 sweet jars in situ in our bright and friendly sweet shop

So now you’ve had a bit of a look around our shop, it’s time to meet us! From left to right, we are Sophie, Natalie and Emma otherwise known as Team Daffy and responsible for looking after our beautiful shop and packaging and sending with care our online sweet orders. We’re always happy to help so do please get in contact if we can do so!

Image of one of of our sweet shop staff, Sophie Raw standing in front of some of our 350 jars of sweetsSweet shop staff smiling and welcoming customers. Featuring Emma Tompkins and Natalie Brittain


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