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Party Bags

Rainbow Cones Sweet Party Bags
The most colourful and delicious rainbow themed sweet cone bags

So often a dilemma with Parties and Events is the decision over party Bags or favours – what delicious and memorable treat can you sent your guests home with? Look no further – we have the solution!

At DaffyDownDilly we are famous for our carefully constructed, beautiful and delicious cone bags and party bags. Filled with quality sweets our signature gift bag is definitely our Rainbow Mix Cone Bag. Incredibly popular for children parties and colourful wedding sweets, we offer a free personalised label service that really sets our cones apart… All of our cone sweet bags are available in two sizes, 200g and 350g and priced accordingly to suit any budget.

Although our Rainbow sweet party bags are by far the most popular, and it’s easy to see why. We have a plethora of options available…

Pick & Mix Green Sweets Cone Bag
Want to get them to eat their greens? Bet these will do the trick!

Having a Green Theme event? Our green sweet gift bags are perfect for you! A great mix of fizzy and sour sweets with a marshmallow topper, there are fruity flavours and tongue tingling temptations all the way to the bottom of these super party bags, perfect for a Spring event and often sought after for a Spring Wedding.

Yellow and orange sweets cone bags
Orange and yellow sweets fill these cone bags in a burst of happy!

Want to bring the sunshine to your event? Yellow and Orange sweets are absolutely the way to go! Imagine your Corporate or Private event coming to a finale and then sending your guests on their way with a wonderful, tasty and bright sweet cone bag – your party would certainly be one to remember!

Blue sweets party cone bags
Beautiful handmade celebration cone bags containing just blue sweets with personalisation as standard
Pink sweets cone bags
Beautiful handmade cone bags filled with pink sweets, perfect for party bags

Having a Christening or a Gender Reveal Party? Or a colour themed Birthday Party? Our Blue or Pink Sweet Cones are just perfect! Celebrate in style with DaffyDownDilly party bag, the perfect take home party gift!

Red sweets cone bag
Just red sweets and nothing else in these striking cone bags

Looking for a striking red sweet bag? All you need do is choose your preferred size, add your personalised message and we’ll do the rest, making your perfect party bags freshly to order with only the best quality sweets.

Liquorice party cone bags
Handmade sweet cone bags filled with delicious liquorice selection

Always one to bring the curveball option – not for everyone we know, but we love liquorice at Daffy HQ and we know you do too – how about these for a perfect party choice?

Of course, you don’t have to choose all the same cones, why not mix them up? A selection of different party sweet bags also looks fantastic and gives your guests the ultimate choice!

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