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Pick and Mix Sweets Delights

What are Pick and Mix Sweets? Well, remember the fantastic collection of sweets in clear tubs at Woolworths? Admittedly you do need to be a certain age but I remember many happy hours spent admiring the colours and smells emanating from those tubs before choosing a few favourites which were then paid for by weight – I’m sure I’m not alone, Woolworths sweets are one of the most nostalgic childhood memories for many people.

At DaffyDownDilly we are huge pick and mix sweets fans and frankly, who isn’t? Variety is the spice of life after all!

Pick and Mix sweet box. In front of our yellow presentation sweet box, a image of 1 kilo of assorted sweets. the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth, chocolates, jelly sweets and fizzy sweets all nestle together in this stunning, colourful and delicious display.
Pick and mix sweets kilo box

Our classic kilo gift box is compiled of a fantastic variety of the very best and most popular mix and mix sweets to be found – all presented for you in a gift box too! We’ve picked and mixed for your enjoyment 🙂

Of course, all of our sweets are available in bags too, so you can build your own pick n mix too – delicious!

600g of Animal themed pick and mix sweets
Love Animals? You’ll love our animal themed pick and mix selection!

Our Animal Magic themed pick and mix selection is also incredibly popular and delicious! Just animal sweets, all sectioned for their fun shapes and scrumptious mouthwatering flavours bushtucker trial anyone?!

Happy Birthday fizzy sweet gift box
1 kilo of fizzy sweets in our fizzy sweet gift box

We know that some of you prefer fizzy sweets to jelly sweets and we have fantastic choice for you both! Whether you’re a jelly sweet fan or like a fizz and a sour tang, we have a kilo gift box of sweets perfect for you!

A fantastic selection of jelly and gummy sweets in a quality presentation box
1 kilo of awesome jelly sweets presented in a gift box.

And vegan or vegetarian? We’ve got you too – check this out!!

Fizzy sweet and jelly sweets in a gift box all suitable for vegans and vegetarians
Vegan box of sweets

So if you love pick and mix sweets as much as we do, you’re in the right place. There are loads of pick n mix sweets selections ready for you or you can choose your own sweets – winning – and the perfect selection box!

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