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Mexican Piñatas and sweets fun!

We have a lovely range of authentically Mexican Piñatas always in stock at DaffyDownDilly.

Colourful, fun and different, Mexican Piñatas are so popular for party games, weddings and celebrations and suitable for all ages!

Our online sweet shop offers the opportunity to buy sweets online as well as many funky Mexican Piñatas. So if you’re looking for a fantastic selection of fizzy and sour sweets, jelly and gummy sweets, traditional boiled sweets and awesome retro sweets, you’re in the right place. Our range of retro sweet hampers and American candy hampers is super. And offers a great solution for a sweet gift for someone special. If you’re interested in buying sweets in our Award Winning Devon sweet shop. Or the opportunity to buy sweets online, you’re in the right place. And DaffyDownDilly Confectioners with our super sweet experience is certainly well placed to help. We offer free delivery on all orders over £30 too!

Although the modern Piñata has links with China and the States, it is Mexico where most are made and have a strong cultural link at Christmas and of course, for birthday celebrations.

pinata 1

Mexican Piñatas are filled with sweets, candies, cakes, fruit. There are even ‘trap’ ones that are filled with flour or confetti, and hung from a string while party goers take turns to try and hit it. Usually after being blindfolded and spun around – not easy!

We sell Piñatas as a complete pack, with bashing stick, blindfold and sweets for filling. And absolutely love hearing customers stories of Piñata antics!

Butterfly PinataMexican Bull Pinata

You an even add a sweet filled Piñata cake to your festivities – yummy!

pinata 2

So, if you’re looking for a fantastic party game, with lots of giggles and sweets too, why not choose a Mexican Piñata? Always available in store or online at

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