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Rainbow Sweets

Rainbow Sweets

Looking for colour in a big way? Our super range of Rainbow Sweets is just what you need!

Our Rainbow Jelly flower sweets are an absolutely must – we’ve seen them used as cake toppers, party bag delights and as delicious rainbow sweets in their own right too. Multi coloured large jelly flowers with a fruity flavour it’s lovely to see these rainbow colours in a sweet suitable for children of all ages.

Rainbow Fizzy Bottles
We love rainbow sweets at DaffyDownDilly and these cute rainbow jelly sweet flowers are one of our favourites

Fizzy Rainbow Bottles next… fruity, tangy and soft in texture they’re a colourful and delicious delight and if you’re looking for the most colourful sweets imaginable these should really be included!

Rainbow paintball marshmallows
Rainbow coloured marshmallow paintball sweets

Party bag favourites next with awesome rainbow paintballs – soft and squishy marshmallow is covered in a sugar coating and flavoured with matching fruity deliciousness – they’re perfect for party bags.

Speaking of party bags – we have to show you our rainbow cone bags All made to order and designed to make wonderful favour and party bags, these rainbow treat come in two sizes to suit all budgets and appetites!

Rainbow Cones Sweet Party Bags
The most colourful and delicious rainbow themed sweet cone bags
rainbow brick fizzy sweets
Rainbow coloured fizzy sweets in a brick shape

Rainbow fizzy bricks are super awesome too – firm in texture with the most attractive blend of colours and delicious fizzy flavours – what a colourful treat!

Tropical rainbow drops
Fizzy sweets in a a dome shape with a tropical flavour

Rainbow Drops fit the tropical sweet brief perfectly. Their eye-catching dome shape makes them an unusual choice but once you’ve tried them there’s no going back.

Sour sweets Rainbow twists
Colourful sour sweets called Rainbow Twists

And finally for now, our sour rainbow twists – firm in texture with rainbow stripes we don’t think there are better sour rainbow sweets out there. Definitely one to add your basket!

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