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Rainbow Sweets

Rainbow sweets sum us up perfectly as we love colour at DaffyDownDilly and thought we would feature some of our very favourite Rainbow sweets that really do have the wow factor.

Rainbow Bites are our most popular fizzy sweet and it's easy to see why! Beautiful colourful strips of fruity fizzy sweets
Super popular fizzy sweets in fabulous rainbow stripes

Rainbow Bites are one of most popular fizzy sweets and with very good reason. They have just the right amount of sour to get your tongue tingling and being light, you do get a lot for your pocket money!

Sour sweets Rainbow twists
Colourful sour sweets called Rainbow Twists

Rainbow Twists are another delicious sour and fizzy sweet with the most amazing colours and flavour. If you’re looking for colourful sweets, these tick every box and then some!

Rainbow marshmallow Paintball marshmallows
Rainbow coloured marshmallow paintballs

Delicious marshmallow paintballs are also beautifully coloured. Our rainbow marshmallow selection is bright, delicious and attractive. Perfect for any marshmallow lover or why not decorate your cake with a marshmallow rainbow?

rainbow brick fizzy sweets
Rainbow coloured fizzy sweets in a brick shape

And finally in our collection of rainbow sweets, the beautiful Rainbow Brick sweet. Fizzy and fruity, they have quickly become one of our bestselling sweets and it’s easy to see why!

We have a range of colourful fizzy and jelly sweets to whet any appetite but just love the versatility of rainbow sweets – sure to bring a smile!

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