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Red Sweets

Red Sweets

Red Sweets are popular all though the year and have a natural boost around Valentines Day as romantic and themed gifts are delivered throughout the country.

Our Favourite? Thats’s an easy one – we love soft and squishy red lips Jelly sweets

Red lips shaped jelly sweets
Juicy and fruity jelly sweets in the shape of red lips

Deliciously soft and fruity lip shaped sweets, they are a brilliant red with a mouthwatering flavour.

Twist kisses
Soft jelly sweets

And next on our list, stunning twist kisses – dome shaped sweets with a soft texture and good flavour. We just love the striping though, it’s so attractive and distinctive and makes these jelly treats perfect for decorating cakes for birthdays.

Red Paintball marshmallow sweets
Delicious marshmallow coated in sugar and a beautiful red colour

Super popular Paintball red sweets are a winner too. Soft and delicious strawberry flavoured marshmallow with a sugar coating… awesome! And as marshmallow sweets are lighter than the average, you get rather a lot of these stunners!

Red sweets cone bag
Just red sweets and nothing else in these striking cone bags

Our red sweets cone bags are perfect for party favours! If you have a red themed event we can help. Made to order just for you and available in two sizes with free personalisation we can help you make your event truly memorable.

Red Liquorice sticks
Traditional cherry flavoured red liquorice sticks

And here are red sweets that perhaps you weren’t expecting us to include! Bonds red liquorice sticks are absolutely yum with a cherry flavour and beautiful yellow decorations to one end. Not just for liquorice fans these ones – they have a firm texture and are well worth including in your pick and mix.

Fizzy Strawberry Pencils Sweets are a fizzy sweet version of the famous Strawberry Pencil. Perfect if you like a little sour twist with your strawberry!
Fizzy strawberry sweets with a fondant centre and fizzy coating

Of course, we have to include some fizzy sweets too don’t we? And our pick of the sweets treats for this? Red fizzy strawberry pencils – remember these? Finger licking strawberry flavour that we all love and enjoy combines with eye-catching red and white colours. And of course, if you’re not a fizzy fan, strawberry pencils are also available without the fizzy coating – which one of our red sweets will you choose?

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