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Retro Sweet Hampers

a genuine quality wicker hamper containing our very best in retro sweets. Flying Saucers, Fizz Wizz, Drumsticks, Dolly Mix, Shrimps and too many more sweets to name

Quality Retro sweet hamper options from our sweet shop

Retro sweet hampers are an ideal sweet gift for a special someone as they contain such an amazing mix of traditional sweets, retro sweets, fizzy sweets and jelly and gummy sweets as well as the very best in packets of sweets.

If you’re looking for a quality and unusual present we’re ideally placed to help. We have a superb and popular range of retro hampers which are packaged in quality hampers that you will be proud to give.

We use either quality wicker hampers or sleek black modern hampers depending of the size of the hamper you require.

A photo of one of our retro sweet hampers showing the hamper and all of the fabulous sweet contents

With fantastic quality contents such as Rhubarb and Custard and Sherbet Lemons boiled traditional sweets, Fizzy Cola Bottle Sweets, Flying Saucers, Anglo Bubby bubble gum, ABC letters and candy sticks which are the most fantastic retro sweets, Fizz Wiz, Black Jacks, Fruit Salad and Love Hearts sweet packets to name but a few, our retro sweet hampers are really something to behold.

Packed with care and to your order and specification in our award winning sweet shop by carefully trained staff, you can be assured that your order will not only be made just for you and freshly packed – this is why our sweets taste so good! But that it will look fabulous as we understand the importance of giving and receiving a quality gift.

Of course, our website means you can buy sweets online at any time of the day or night.

And at Daffy-down-dilly Confectioners we pride ourselves on our fast and efficient dispatch of orders.

Of course the real benefit to our customers of making our hampers directly to order is clear. You can select your own contents and switch and change favourite sweets about with no problem at all. We’re happy to accommodate changes and preferences at all times.

So what occasion might you consider giving a sweet hamper for? Well from feedback we know that our sweets and hampers are super popular gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines Day, Father’s Day… the list is endless really and of course all of our hampers are suitable for children of all ages!

A huge quality wicker hamper filled to bursting with the very best in retro sweets, flying saucers, fizz whizz, liquorice torpedoes, Dip Daps and many many more

So if you’d love to see the look of delight on your special someone’s face when they open one of our fantastic sweet hampers, please do get in touch. It’s a guaranteed walk down memory lane as our retro sweet hampers are full to the brim with childhood favourite sweets and there really is more that enough to share. In fact many of our customers choose a sweet hamper for a family present – what a great idea!

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