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Retro Sweets

So we have seen a massive resurgence in the popularity of Retro Sweets at DaffyDownDilly Confectioners, Sidmouth.

Black Jacks, Flying Saucers and Fruit Salads of course are always popular. So add to the list Candy necklaces, Snowies and Jazzies and funny Money and you have a Retro sweet treat ready to go!

So what makes a sweet a retro sweet? Well it’s really about memories we think – sweets that bring back happy times, togetherness, smiles and fun. So there’s no wonder we are seeing a massive interest in retro sweets given the current situation in the UK and worldwide.


We all want to capture some of that feeling of yesteryear and to share that with our nearest and dearest. Our Retro sweets gift box is certainly proving popular not least because we can send it on your behalf to anyone, anywhere in the country! Add your personalised message and we’re good to go.

Retro sweets confectionery category Daffy Down Dilly

My personal favourites are Alphabet letters… that fruity tasting letter shaped piece of deliciousness… it’s like a piece of old school tuck shop!

Alphabet Letter Sweets are a favourite traditional sweet - do you remember writing your name with these pastel and delicious retro sweets?

So if like us a bit of nostalgia makes you feel better when things are tough, you’ll look looking through our range of retro sweets – what would you choose? And who would you send it to?

Don’t forget if you’re new to Daffy online, you can use our 10% discount code at the checkout – daffyfirstord 🙂 Even more reason to get choosing!!

Happy Birthday Retro Sweet Box
Classic favourite sweets in a gift box, presented beautifully for a Birthday present

Delicious retro sweets, well presented in a gift box – what a fabulous choice for a special someones’ Birthday gift! If you’re looking for a quality box of sweets, DaffyDownDilly is certainly the right place to look. From jelly sweet and fizzy sweets to Milk and Dark Chocolate Brazil nuts and indeed an awesome selection of retro and traditional sweets. black Jacks, Fruit Salads, Refreshers and Wham Bars – these and many more packets of sweets will take you right back to your childhood!

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