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Say Happy Birthday with a gift box of Pick and Mix Sweets!

Sweet gift box suitable for birthday present
Sweet gift box suitable for birthday present for all ages!

Do you want to wish someone special a very happy Birthday? Well, a gift box of our very finest pick and mix sweets is just the way to do it!

Straight from DaffyDownDilly HQ, our gift box of sweets is packed freshly to order and finished with a cool and colourful Happy Birthday sticker. The attractive red gift box is packed to the very top with quality pick and mix sweets. From Fizzy sweets such as watermelon slices, fizzy strawberry pencils and Rainbow Bites to jelly sweets… who doesn’t like Giant strawberries and Happy Cherries, baby dolphins and psycho mice after all? These and many more make up the gift box sweet selection. We add some chocolate – snowies and jazzies and wrapped chocolate sports balls.

Happy Birthday sweet gift box
Happy Birthday gift box – pick and mix sweets

And the icing on the cake? Pop your personalised message into the box when you’re ordering and we will handwrite your words onto a gift card and attach this to your gift – it’s the perfect, ready to go way to say Happy Birthday to that special someone. Let them know you’re thinking about them with a Happy Birthday sweet box from DaffyDownDilly.

So if you’re looking for a go to gift that everyone will love, we think you’ve found it! Just pop in the address of the Birthday girl or boy and we’ll send it straight to them – job done! Just click here to place your order 🙂

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