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So who are team DaffyDownDilly Confectioners Sidmouth?

Want to meet the DaffyDownDilly Confectioners Sidmouth team? Intrigued as to who packs and prepares your sweet orders? Want to put some faces to the names? We’re delighted to say hi πŸ™‚

So who are team DaffyDownDilly Confectioners Sidmouth? 1
Louise, Keeran and Natalie in the middle of the Christmas mayhem!

So we are a small but perfectly formed team with a love of customer service at the centre of our working day. We love the combination of things that we deal with each day – no two are ever the same that’s for sure! From our regular customers who pop in for a natter and a quarter of their favourite sweets, to online sweet orders and phone calls to corporate sweet enquires, there’s always something different to do – and that’s the joy of DaffyDownDilly. Our bright and cheerful shop matches us well and keeps us on our toes too. I personally love the support between us – we’re not just a working team, but friends too. What a blessing πŸ™‚

And firstly I’d like to introduce Louise – she’s been here well forever really and is a massively important part of team Daffy.

So who are team DaffyDownDilly Confectioners Sidmouth? 2
Team DaffyDownDilly confectioners Sidmouth

Louise is an art and craft whizz and is firmly in charge of our seasonal shop decs and we so love her amazing creations! From Santa’s sleigh to full size reindeer and daffodils – Louise is our go to – and only uses recycling too πŸ™‚ Louise is brilliant with our customers and very organised too and she’s the very best type of friend. Oh and back to the subject – she has great sweet knowledge and creates amazing bespoke gifts 🎁 Skills Lou… skills!

So who are team DaffyDownDilly Confectioners Sidmouth? 3
Team DaffyDownDilly Confectioners Sidmouth

Secondly please meet Keeran. He has also been here forever πŸ™‚ There’s a lovely pattern here! Keeran is a talented actor and balances working with a full time course in performing arts – impressive huh? Keeran has such a lot of knowledge regarding our sweets and gifts and is the most incredibly accurate person πŸ™‚ We love the particular type of drama that Keeran brings to our Devon sweet shop… just good fun and a great work ethic too. If we need the ribbons twirling at speed, Keeran’s the man!

So who are team DaffyDownDilly Confectioners Sidmouth? 4
Team DaffyDownDilly Sidmouth

And finally it’s me – not always in Cornwall drinking a massive hot chocolate but quite often…! So if you’re chatting with someone online or on our socials it’s very likely to be me πŸ™‚ I’m in charge of the printers and getting orders out on time! Oh and writing blogs (must try harder… must try harder), and working on new products and choosing the sweets – happy days!

DaffyDownDilly confectioners Sidmouth is such a very happy place to be and it’s the team that help make it so. We’ve made it through the last couple of unbelievably busy Christmases with smiles still intact and that’s down to you Lou and Keeran. So if you’re looking for the right team to work with on your bespoke orders, corporate gifts or online sweet orders we’d love to say hello. Why not experience our modern and friendly approach.

In the meantime if you want to follow our antics of which there are many… we’d love you to give us a follow on our socials.

Thanks for listening,

Natalie x


3 thoughts on “So who are team DaffyDownDilly Confectioners Sidmouth?

  1. What a fab team, so ably led by my talented young daughter! X

    1. If you are Natalie’s dad, you should be so proud. I have been buying a few things from the shop. We are all proud of our families but Natalie does you proud.

  2. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to Natalie and the DaffyDownDilly team.
    Me and my family enjoy everything I get from you.Thank you.

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