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Sugar Free Sweet Selection

Sugar Free Mega Mix Sweets

We have been delighted by the on-going popularity of our range of Sugar Free Sweets.

Both in our Sidmouth shop and online. From Mint Humbugs to Chocolate Eclairs and Cola Bottles. To Rhubarb and Custard and Rosey Apples, there is a huge range to choose from.

Rhubarb & Custard

Suitable for diabetics and for those customers wanting to moderate their sugar consumption, there really is something for everyone. And our sugar free sweets mean that you can still enjoy a little something sweet! If you’re interested in the opportunity to buy sweets online and sugar-free sweets online then we can certainly help. All of our sugar-free sweets are available to buy online. Along with our outstanding range of traditional sweets, retro sweets, fizzy and sour sweets, jelly sweets and boiled and crunchy sweets. Our retro sweet hampers and American sweet hampers have to be seen to be believed too. What a sweet selection of candy and scrumptious quality sweets and treats. All beautifully presented too so make the perfect gifts.

Squishy, fruity jelly sweets nestle in their jars alongside more traditional boiled sweet flavours. Our range currently consists of 26 varieties of Sugar Free goodies.

Sugar Free TeddiesSugar Free Mint HumbugSugar Free Cola Bottles

Most popular are our Sherbet Lemons and Chocolate Limes, customers’ say they enjoy the fruity hard-boiled outer and then the fizzy, slightly sour sherbet hit – delicious!

Sugar Free Chocolate EclairsAniseed Drops (Sugar Free)

With the New Year starting, many of us are resolving to loose a few pounds or be a little healthier. Sugar Free sweets are a great place to start without feeing as though you are missing out on anything good, and of course fantastic if you are a Diabetic.

Selections are always available in jars or hampers if you’re looking for a Sugar Free gift too!

Here’s hoping you had a Happy Christmas time, and wishing you a fabulously fun and of course, healthy 2016!

Natalie and everyone at DaffyDownDilly x

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