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Sugar-free Sweets

Sugar Free Sweets jar selection jar is a popular Sugar-free sweet choice at our sweet shop - it's a mixture of the very best sugar-free sweets and makes an ideal gift for a diabetic or someone who is watching their weight

Sugar-free sweets are a large part of our day-to-day sweet shop business.

Want to know a bit more about these yummy sweet treats?

At Daffy-down-dilly Confectioners, available both in our popular store and available to customers wishing to buy sweets online. We have an exciting and extensive collection of really great sugar-free sweets. Including boiled sweets such as Mint Humbugs and Chocolate Limes, and jelly delights such as Cola Bottles and Giant Strawberries.

Suitable for diabetics or the weight conscious, our range tastes really similar to the sugary alternatives. We also have a selection of gifts available to buy for those special occasions or person or just as a treat!

We are proud of just how authentic the flavours are, from Sugar-free Rhubarb and Custard to Barley Sugar and Rosey Apples – sugar-free and fabulous!

Our most popular sugar-free sweets are easy to identify. We stock a delicious mint humbug with a crispy outside and a chewy minty centre. They’re so good even we struggle to tell the difference between these an their sugary cousins! They are even individually wrapped so no chance of these fabulous mints getting sticky!

Our Sugar Free Mint Humbugs are super tasty and so very similar to a traditional mint humbug we think

A close second is Sherbet Lemons. They taste just as you would expect really, with a crisp lemon flavour outer shell and a sherbet centre. Fab!

Sherbet Lemons Sweets are a traditional boiled sweet with a lemon outer and a sherbet centre, beautiful in bright yellow, ours are wrapped to avoid stickiness

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Ok, so how do your Sugar-Free Sweets taste?

We’re delighted with the quality of our diabetic friendly sweets, they really are good. We’ve tried them all and really rate them. The flavours are similar to those of the sugary sweets. Sugar-free Sherbet Lemons really do taste like Sherbet Lemons, and Sugar-free Rhubarb and Custard really does taste like standard Rhubarb and Custard!

  • Who are Sugar-free sweets suitable for?

These sweets are suitable for all sweet lovers, those who might be dieting or watching their weight or diabetics. They only limitation we are aware of is that because of some of the sweeteners used, they are not recommended for children under the age of 8.

  • What’s your favourite of the sweets without sugar you sell?

For me it’s the mint humbug. It’s delicious and for me comparable with a standard sugary mint humbug. With a chewy, soft centre they really are a winner. I’m also fond of cola bottles without sugar!

  • Are sugar-free sweets popular?

Yes, very – we have significant repeat purchases which always bodes well!

  • Can you provide a gift containing only sweets without sugar for a present?

Of course, we offer a mixed Sugar-free sweet jar which can be personalised if you like. Diabetic friendly sweet cones and bags are always available too and can be made to order to ensure you have the perfect treats for the recipient!


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