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Sugar Free sweets and gifts

DaffyDownDilly specialises in Sugar Free sweets and gifts. As we all start to get back to our pre Covid lives our focus is changing and this is apparent at DaffyDownDIlly with a surge in interest in sugar free sweets and gift ideas.

Always popular as an accessible treat for diabetics, sugar free sweets are becoming more mainstream and a choice for many for many reasons, not just the lack of sugar!

presentation gift box suitable for diabetics
Sugar free sweets in a gift box

So we’ve been busying ourselves at DaffyDownDilly with a new sugar free sweets gift box. Designed to match our other boxes of sweets but with a twist of course – they’re all sugar free. A great selection of rhubarb and custard, mint humbugs, chocolate eclairs, sherbet lemons and many more. All individually wrapped and mixes up in this fab treat box.

You can read more about it on our Instagram here –

And its’s not just our Sugar Free sweets and gifts that are expanding, our range of sweet with sugar is absolutely worth checking out too. You absolutely have to try the mint humbugs…!

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