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Super busy DaffyDownDilly Easter – and it’s our Birthday too!

An interior shot of our sweet shop showing sweet jars and a selection of our tempting American candy

Wowzers, what a busy DaffyDownDilly Easter we’ve had!

So many children in with their pocket money choosing a selection of their favorite sweets… it’s been brilliant!

And the number of boxes of Beanboozled jelly beans that have left the building is extraordinary. Hope you’ve all enjoyed the experience? I will never forget those flavours, that’s for sure…

DDD Interior Apr 16


Sidmouth is a super place to be based. Our local customers always brighten our day and we love interacting with all the visitors to our lovely town. It’s always so rewarding to hear that we are the best sweet shop in the world, and we hear that a lot!!


Our main news this week though is that we are fast approaching our second birthday and we are proud to say the least! There’s so much truth in the old saying that whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability. And find something that you love. We love sweets and hope it shows!



It’s been really interesting to look at the photos of when we first opened the shop and to see the massive increase in our range of sweets and treats. So’s to the next two years – I wonder what will happen. My guess is it will be significant growth in our online sweet shop – We will let you know!


So if you’re in town on Friday 15th, pop in and help us celebrate our birthday. And DaffyDownDilly Easter, we’d love to see you.

Happy Birthday Desktop Background






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