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Sweet Valentines gifts at DaffyDownDilly

an image of one of our sweet Valentines hampers, containing a mug, hot chocolates, and jelly and fizzy sweets with a heart theme
Valentines Day gift box
1 kilo of pick and mix sweets in a Valentines day gift box with flower sticker

Sweet Valentines at DaffyDownDilly.

Valentines Day is traditionally a busy time of year for a sweet shop and online sweet shop. And this year looks set to be no exception!

Who wouldn’t want to receive a beautiful hamper full of love themed sweets and chocolates from the one they love after all?

Sweet Valentines indeed!

The 14th February first become linked with Love in the Middle Ages. And developed into a day where traditionally men and women demonstrated their love for one another. By giving gifts of flowers, sweets and exchanging hand made greeting cards which were known as Valentines.

Valentines mug

Remember being at school and wondering if you were going to get a card or gift? And then spending the next three weeks in a huddle with your friends trying to work out who it was from?

So, whether you’re looking to keep your love tradition going. Or are choosing a gift for a loved one for the first time, DaffyDownDilly has a great range. Including hand selected and presented gifts that are sure to please and made to suit every budget.

And this year we’re already seeing a huge rise in sales of our pick and mix sweets gift box.

Pick and Mix sweet box - the entire colourful contents of one of our Kilo boxes of assorted quality sweets. jellies sweets, fizzy sweets and chocolates all make for the most delicious and colourful display.

Sweet gift boxes.

It’s the perfect sweet gift box for your loved one. We’re finding that more and more of our customers don’t like chocolate or are looking for something different. DaffyDownDilly is well placed to help! We have designed 1 kilo sweet selection boxes that are available with the best sweets! From pick and mix sweets, fizzy sweets, jelly sweets and even a liquorice gift box! You can find them all here.

So we are positive that your Valentine will thank you for it – why not be a little different this year? Our sweet gift boxes are filled to bursting with quality sweets and presented in a fantastic gift box with hand tied ribbons. Awesome!

We’re sure we have the perfect sweet gift for your special Valentine. Of course we’ll be happy to help make your Valentines Day the best ever!

And we’re delighted to be introducing our new Valentine’s Day gift boxes – you can find them right now by clicking here

Just have a peek – 1 kilo of our best Daffy sweets in a Valentines gift box – we’ll even add your personalised message at no extra charge!

Valentine's Day gift box with flowers

Valentines sweet gift box
Valentines day gift box with hearts and filled with our famous pick and mix selection! 
Pick and Mix sweets
Daffy Pick and mix sweet Selection

Until next time…

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