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A colourful and attractive three tied sweet cake that we made for a customers wedding. Containing a wonderful mix of fizzy and jelly sweets

Sweet Weddings

It’s no surprise to anyone that sweets and candies at weddings and family celebrations are incredibly popular. Indeed, what better things could there be to add to a sharing table than a beautiful sweet wedding cake and a candy buffet!

Wedding Cake 1

We’ve found that retro sweets in particular are a fantastic talking point and bring generations together. Who doesn’t enjoy Flying Saucers, shrimps, Jelly Babies and bonbons after all!

Sweets 5

Our experienced wedding cake designers know how important it is that your candy cake is a creation that will be a fantastic, eye-catching centrepiece. And taste as just good as it looks!

Wedding cake 2

At Daffy-Down-Dilly we specialise in candy cakes and pride ourselves on being constantly inventive. By keeping our ideas fresh and different. We’ve been absolutely delighted with the popularity of our tiered sweet wedding cakes.

KHB making cake

Every one of our sweet cakes is individually designed by our creative team and fashioned with the sweets and colours of your choice. And did you know that we can even make your special candy wedding cake gluten-free?

3 tier cake

We think they make a colourful, stunning, centre piece to any sweet buffet table, don’t you agree?

We’d love to discuss ideas with you for your perfect day so why not contact me now:

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