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The DaffyDownDilly Difference…

The DaffyDownDilly Difference... 1

I thought it was time that I talked a bit about what it is like to own and run a DaffyDownDilly Confectioners store, so here we go…

Well, we’ve all seen sweet shops and when Daffy was born we were clear that we wanted to be different to the rest. We wanted to provide a modern, fresh store with interesting, well-presented stock. And most importantly of all, to provide good, old-fashioned customer service with a smile.

The Daffy Down Dilly difference

Now we are 18 months old and can look back over the brilliant growth of our Sidmouth sweet shop. It is clearer than ever that it is the customer service that we provide that is fundamental to our success. The DaffyDownDilly Difference!

I love my work, and value the friendships I have made along the way. With other shopkeepers, suppliers and business people yes, but mostly with our customers. We all really feel part of the community and that is reward in itself. It’s a genuine privilege to help plan weddings, birthdays and celebrations and know that our products are a key part of those days.

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Every day is different at DaffyDownDilly because our customers drive us and that variety is great! From 100g bags of favourite sweets, to making party cakes and cone bags. To designing a new way to display Christmas stock. To booking in Facebook orders for delivery, there’s always something new and exciting to do.

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With the imminent launch of our sweet shop Franchise offer it seems important to identify the qualities we are looking for in our Franchisees. A friendly personality is right up there along with an eye for detail, organisation, ambition and determination and essentially, a good sense of humour. After all, selling sweets is fun!!

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