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Vegetarian sweets box – 1 kilo gelatine free treats!

Vegetarian sweet selection

Our vegetarian sweets box. It’s new.

It’s ace.

And it’s vegetarian.

Our new Vegetarian sweets box has hit the shelves and we couldn’t be happier!

Vegetarian sweets in a gift box
Vegetarian sweet box 1

With a delicious mix of vegetarian fizzy sweet, vegetarian jelly sweets and vegetarian chocolate this sweet gift box is the bomb. Often we hear the people who prefer not to eat gelatine feel they are getting a bad deal in their sweet choice. Well, not any more!

If you’re looking for a gift or present to say Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas or just hello to a special someone who loves sweets but wants veggie sweets only, this is the answer.

Delivered throughout the UK and packed to order to ensure all the sweet goodies are super fresh in our award winning Devon sweet shop. Our kilo gift boxes are so super scrummy we though it was about time we introduced a veggie friendly one too. With contents ranging from Giant Strawberries to American Hard Gums and super retro Candy necklaces. To Jelly Beans, sour Tongues and Snowies and Jazzies to name but a few.

All these delicious sweets are packed in a beautiful bright yellow gift box and finished with coordinating ribbons so your gift is ready to give. No more wrapping required. And if you want a personalised message we are happy to add one for you. Job done!!

vegetarian sweet selection
Vegetarian sweet box 4

Vegetarian? Yes

Gift presentation? Yes

Delivered throughout the UK? Yes

Packed to order in Devon? Yes

Popular? Goodness yes!

Delicious? Absolutely and we would love to hear what you think too!

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