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When is Christmas acceptable in store?

Knitted candy canes on a snow covered Christmas tree

Right lovely ones, I have a genuine question for you. Now Sidmouth Folk week is over, it’s our traditional time to start planning our Christmas in store sweet offers. Designing new American candy hampers and this years ‘in’ sweet gift. We have a cracking traditional sweet Christmas Eve pack in mind for this year – well worth watching out for!

small xmas bag

We generally hold back until relatively late before we decorate our sweet shop and crack on with the festivities, but it’s obvious that other shops embrace Christmas a lot earlier than we do. Is this a good thing, or does Christmas in October drive you batty?

Of course, our online sweet shop gets Christmassy long before the shop does…

So lovely friends and customers, what do you think is acceptable? When do you start planning your Christmas gifts and start to feel comfortable doing your shopping surrounded by carols and Christmas trees?

As a traditional sweet shop we do a lot for Halloween and have tended to leave Christmas until after the spooky season… are we getting it right?

We would love to hear your thoughts – it’s a contentious issue I know so we look forward to hearing what you have to say!



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