600g Liquorice Pick and Mix




Love Liquorice? You will love our Liquorice pick and mix selection bag.

600g of quality assorted liquorice all mixed for you in a traditional pick and mix format, just this time it’s only liquorice… and nothing else.

Packed to order in a quality clear bag you will find a selection of 8 different liquorice sweets. As this is a pick and mix we may change things around a little from time to time but you will receive 8 types of liquorice only from the list below –

Pontefract Cakes

Liquorice Cream Rock

Liquorice Comfits

Liquorice Toffee

Liquorice Twists

Liquorice Flowers

Spogs (jelly Aniseed Buttons)

Liquorice Swirls

Double Salt Liquorice

Fruit fondant coated liquorice

Liquorice Satins

Liquorice Gums

Liquorice Sticks

Enough to make your mouth water? Us too! As this is a new product we have a special introductory price for you too – Just £7.50 for 600g for delicious Pick and Mix Liquorice. Whether for a gift or a treat we’re sure you will love this selection bag form DaffyDownDilly.







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