Cherry Fizz Wiz Popping Candy



Popular retro sweets, Cherry Fizz Wiz Popping Candy are available to buy online from our award winning UK sweet shop.

Retro Sweets

Little packets of fun popping candy with a Cherry flavour, Fizz Wiz are great as a fun sweet on their own. You can really hear that popping crackle, or added to cakes etc. for a little surprise!

We just love retro sweets at DaffyDownDilly and have an awesome choice! So from flying saucers to Alphabet letter and Anglo Bubbly Gum we have them all. So if you’re looking to recreate a fantastic childhood memory, Fizz Wiz is a great place to start!

By the way, it’s really amazing sprinkled on your puddings too!



sugar, lactose (milk, sugar) glucose, artificial flavour, carbon dioxide E290, no colouring used



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