Vegan Fizzy Dummies Sweets

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Fizzy Dummies

Super tasty Fizzy Dummies vegan sweets are available to order today online from our Uk award winning sweet shop.

Fizzy Sweets

We all love fizzy dummies, a tangy and sour coating makes your tongue tingle and your tastebuds dance before the fruity flavours come through.

Delicious, and sour enough to justify the title without being too tangy. We love the traditional and fun dummy shape too. A fizzy sweet pick and mix wouldn’t be the same without these fruity beauties. And to top it all, they’re vegan friendly too. Everyones happy 🙂

Our personal favourite fizzy sweet! And an important and popular part of our fizzy sweet box too. Have you checked it out? With 1 kilo of assorted quality fizzy sweets, it’s an amazing sweet gift for someone special.


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Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Cornflour, Water, Beef Gelatine, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Natural Colours (Anthocyanins, Paprika Extract, Curcumin), Flavourings, Vegetable Concentrates (Nettle, Spinach)


3 reviews for Vegan Fizzy Dummies Sweets

  1. Natalie B. (verified owner)

    Lovely sweeties, zingy flavours and very fizzy

  2. Leonarda (verified owner)

  3. Katherine E. (verified owner)

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