Gummy and Jelly Sweet Jar



A super traditional styled sweet jar filled to bursting with the very best in jelly and gummy sweets.

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We’re often asked for a jelly and gummy sweet gift that is suitable for everyone, and here is one of our solutions! A beautiful quality plastic sweet jar with traditional styled lid, with personalisation options to add that special touch. Add a name tag or a meaningful message for a great gift. Suitable for all ages from children to adults and bursting with colour.  Whether its for weddings, birthdays or Christmas… Our jars are amazing for any occasion. Corporate orders are not a problem; we can make these jelly delights up in bulk.

A colourful assortment of jelly sweets
Assorted Jelly sweets.

Gorgeous gift or movie night munchies? These jars are filled to the brim with a fabulous selection of yummy jelly sweets. Eye-catching colours and bold flavours make this jar very popular with children! With cute Baby Dolphins with their raspberry flavour and our ever popular Friendship Rings… a Yellow Belly Snake and super tasty Happy Cherries and more! Jelly Babies and gummy Teddy bears are always a crowd pleaser. Yummy, gummy and super fun! It’s a fantastic squishy sweet assortment and made to order by our friendly staff, fully trained in our lovely Devon sweet shop. If you know a sweet-toothed toddler or a gummy gobbling grandparent, this is the perfect gift! You can be sure that only the best sweets make it into our selection. We even search for sweets across Europe to ensure only the tastiest ones are put in our jars, so high quality is a definite.

Finding the perfect gift for all ages has never been easier! These sweet little jars are a good go to treat, and always beautifully presented.

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